Overview Edit

Alexy Lieven

Alexy is a Russian smuggler who sells all types of resource and has a strict code of conduct where he will never renegotiate a deal. However, his inflexibility has gained him several Bolshevik enemies over the years and he requests your help deal with them from time to time. 


Beer Edit

  • Sells:
    • 20 for $210 ($10.5 per barrel)
    • 30 for $320 ($10.6 per barrel)
    • 40 for $430 ($10.8 per barrel)

Liquor Edit

Alexy offers a unique liquor deal - if you can loan him some liquor now, he'll more than double it in return!

  • Deal:
    • 15 for 40 (+25 for free; give 15 now, he gives 40 on completion)
  • Sells:
    • 5 for $125 ($25 per crate)
    • 20 for $500 ($25 per crate)
    • 25 for $625 ($25 per crate)

Firearms Edit

  • Sells:
    • 5 for $175 ($35 per weapon)
    • 7 for $245 ($35 per weapon)
    • 10 for $350 ($35 per weapon)

Complications Edit

Task Complications

Every so often he will be stitched up by the people he works for; they'll report him to the feds and try and ambush him:

  • Help him; start a mission "Bolshevik Traitors"
    • You get +5 firearms if you win, in addition to your booze
  • Don't help him; just get the resources you bought (doesn't seem to be any negative side-effects)

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