Character Statistics

Big Man

Starting Weapon

Walker "Big Man" Johnson is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Second Wind
  • Level 4: Act Now
  • Level 8: Shove


Walker "Big Man" grew up as an angry African-American fighting the segregation in Atlantic City with his fists. His intimidating stature and tendency to enter a blind rage sentenced him to 3 years in a penal labor camp for assaulting a policeman.

There, Walker met an elder jazz singer who changed his life. He taught Big Man jazz music and it soothed his anger. Following his peer's guidance, Walker Johnson became a man who was willing to re-knit his broken life when he went out to prison.

Walker Johnson raised money from moneylenders and opened a jazz night club in the African-American district of the World's Playground. But when Prohibition came, Big Man had to deal with criminals to stay afloat. Eventually, he started bootlegging to support his passion.

Quotes: Edit

  • I'm gonna write a song about you!
  • Hey!! Nobody bum rushes mamma's little boy!