Overview Edit

Boxing Arena

$350 Joint

Boxing arenas generate $ dirty money by setting up illegal boxing matches with people placing bets on the winner.

They cost $350 to build; you'll need a vacant joint.

Avoid building them until you have at last 50 liked rating to avoid efficiency penalty.

Relations & Competition Edit

Building a boxing arena usually lowers relations with a local Crime Lord.

There are no independent or criminal boxing rings.

The enemy gang will establish boxing arenas, and they are a medium priority target in the early stages of the game if you need to reduce competition with your own arenas.

Boxing arenas compete for business, and will incur a -10 efficiency penalty for each additional boxing ring on the map, regardless of who owns them. So, for minimum penalty, there should only be one on the map - yours!

Consumption & Production Edit

Boxing Arena Icon

Owned arena

If the "Complimentary Drinks" upgrade is applied, the boxing arena will start to consume beer, and also start producing additional $ dirty money per match.

The boxing arena produces dirty money several times a day, depending on efficiency.

Buffs Edit

Boxing arenas affect the following buildings:

  • Boxing Arenas (joint): -10 efficiency per competing arena, regardless of owner

The boxing arena efficiency (matches per day) is affected by:

  • Hideout (residence): +10 efficiency, regardless of hideout level or decorations
  • Boxing Arenas (joint): -10 efficiency (a loss) per competing arena, regardless of owner
  • Pizzeria (joint): +10 efficiency per pizzeria with the "Intimidate Locals" upgrade
  • Bookmaker (joint): +20 efficiency per bookmaker, regardless of efficiency or upgrades
  • Hotel (construction): +10 efficiency per hotel, regardless of upgrades or efficiency
    • Gain additional +20 efficiency if the hotel has the "Concierge" upgrade
  • Liked rating: ±0–50 efficiency
    • +1 efficiency per liked rating 50 and above (if you had 100 liked rating, you'd get +50 efficiency)
    • -1 efficiency per liked rating below 50 (if you had 0 liked rating, you'd get -50 efficiency)
  • Fixed fights (upgrade): +20 efficiency for any arena that has the upgrade


  • Complementary Drinks (pay $500): Sell 3 units of beer per minute (revenue collected per match)
  • Fixed Fights (pay $600): +20 efficiency, -5 liked rating
  • Hired Goons (pay $1,000): Protection from drive-by attacks
    • Alternatively build a Lookout or Security Agency
    • Only available if there is an active enemy gang present on the map