Breweries are businesses that can be established in premises for $100.

Breweries produce high quality beer.

Warms Speakeasy or Nightclub relations and cools Brewery when built.


  • Increased Production: By spending $900, the brewery can expand to produce more alcohol faster, increasing its efficiency by 20.
  • Brand Naming: By spending $700, the brewery can turn its produce into a recognizable local label, increasing how liked the gang is by 15.

Independent BusinessEdit

  • Drive-By: By using 5 units of firearms, the gang can scare off the business's owners and workers, turning it into an empty premise available for purchase.
  • Raid: The gang can simply attack the brewery, starting a combat mission. If the raid is successful, the gang will get 30 units of beer, some heat, and the chance of the brewery going out of business. If they don't, they'll have lowered relations instead.
  • Buy Beer: For $150, the brewery will sell the gang 15 units of beer.