Overview Edit

Weapons are used by your gang during combat missions. Don't confuse them with Firearms, which are a basic resource.

Obtaining Weapons Edit

Each henchman comes equipped with a default weapon (almost always the basic version) at the start of a game. Better weapons can be purchased from Crime Lords and Deputies and, on rare occasions, via a Special job (this is specific to the campaign when you forgot to buy a unique weapon in an earlier mission).

Equipping Weapons Edit

The purchased weapons are put in to a repository which you can view by examining any henchman and then clicking the "Equip" button. You'll see a list of all available weapons, including the one the henchman is currently using (in a red box), and can select a different weapon for them to use if desired.

Weapon Types Edit

There are three broad types of weapon:

There is some overlap, for example knives can be thrown and pistols are more effective at point blank range; the main reason for these categories is that there are different hit chance statistics and perks that apply to them.

Weapon Ranges Edit

(to follow)

Weapon Variants Edit

Weapon grade

There are 4 variants of each weapon type:

  1. Normal (one circle)
  2. Better (two circles): +10% damage
  3. Exceptional (three circles): +20% damage
  4. Unique (star): +30% damage; or +20% and some other buff (eg. extra range, hit chance, etc.)

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