Overview Edit

Clean Money

Unlike $ Dirty money, $$ Clean money has a legitimate paper trail and facilitates business activities that are less criminal. As a result, using clean money doesn't generate any heat.

Uses Edit

There's a few key reasons to use clean money...

Money Laundering Edit

  • Associates, such as Charlie Luciano and Mr. Smith, will post lucrative money laundering jobs.
  • Example: Mr. Smith asks for $$1,500 and pays you $5,000 for it = $3,500 profit!

Construction Lots Edit

  • They can only be purchased with clean money
    • You'll get a discount based on your liked rating; more liked = bigger discount
  • The associated buildings must be established with clean money
    • Subsequent upgrades can be paid using dirty money

Residential Buildings Edit

  • Residential buildings can be purchased for $$1,000
  • The building will no longer provide actions (like Burglary) but will generate clean money every day

Car Dealers Edit

  • Costs $$1,000 per new car
  • New cars are more reliable (fewer breakdowns)

Backup for Dirty Money Edit

  • If you run out of dirty money when paying for something, clean money will be used for the remainder

Getting clean money Edit

There are several ways to get clean money...

Money Jobs Edit

  • Associates occasionally offer money laundering jobs to convert $ in to $$.
  • They charge a modest commission fee

City Officials Edit

  • Officials can launder money for you, if you've got warm relations with them
  • They charge an extortionate commission fee
  • In the campaign, you an only launder money once per official

Performances Edit

  • Celebrity Residences can put on performances that earn you some clean money
  • The more liked you are, the more money you get
  • Even if you are 0% liked, you will still get some money
  • Use a Grifter and you'll get 25% more money!

Joints Edit

  • Pawn Shop - quick way to generate $$, boost with higher Fear rating
  • Pharmacy - sells Liquor for $$, needs a Distillery to be effective

Premises Edit

Construction Lots Edit

  • Flophouse - generates small amounts of $$
  • Auto Shop - supposedly generates $$ if upgraded (not sure if/how this works)
  • Insurance Company - like a $$ version of protection racket
  • Nightclub - generates large amounts of $$
  • Hotel - generates some $$, boosts $$ from Nightclubs and Casinos
  • Lawyer - doesn't generate $$ directly, but boosts $$ from Accountants
  • Casino - generates lots of $$

Residential Buildings: Edit

  • Each purchased residential building generates $$80 per day
  • It takes 13 days to get a return on investment, so only feasible mid-to-late game

First National Bank Heist (Campaign Task) Edit

  • Combat mission during the original campaign (Map: Boardwalk Hall)
  • +$$5,000 by raiding gold vault of the Fist National Bank in New York.