Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Bridgette "Daredevil" Laval is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Side Step
  • Level 4: Shove
  • Level 8: Spot Target


Bridgette Laval was born to a patriarchal family of wealthy French immigrants. Her father wanted to prepare her for marriage and sent her to a socialite damsel school in New Jersey. But her rebellious and independent spirit drew her to the new and adventurous and she secretly attended flying lessons. When she won an Air Derby, her hobby became apparent and her father threatened to disinherit her if she didn't give up flying immediately.

Bridgette hesitated little before rebelling openly to her father and she fled, stealing a training biplane. The young criminal began smuggling booze for various Atlantic City gangs with her biplane and earned a reputation and the nickname Daredevil.

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