Overview Edit

Deputy Kingsley

Deputy Kingsley is a member of the Atlantic City police force. He has a boss who takes all the credit for Kingsley's hard work, and over the years he's become so disgruntled that he's started working with the gangsters in the city.

He regularly finds himself in possession of alcohol - either from the police contraband warehouse or as part of a sting operation - providing him with a way to get the financial recognition he believes he deserves. As an added bonus, the "missing" or "stolen" booze makes his boss look bad, and to Kingsley that's just as important as the extra cash.

Kingsley also has a unique special skill - the ability to reduce police heat on your gang, often preventing or severely delaying investigations. This can be a life saver if you've been getting in to too much trouble.


Beer Edit

  • Sells:
    • 15 for $150 ($10 per barrel)
    • 25 for $250 ($10 per barrel)
    • 35 for $350 ($10 per barrel)
    • 45 for $450 ($10 per barrel)

Liquor Edit

  • Sells:
    • 10 for $300 ($30 per crate)
    • 15 for $450 ($30 per crate)
    • 20 for $600 ($30 per crate)

Special Edit

  • Offers to reduce heat by:
    • 1 star for $150 ($150 per star)
    • 2 stars for $300 ($150 per star)
    • 3 stars for $450 ($150 per star)

Complications Edit

Sometimes he decides to extort a bit of extra cash out of you when selling alcohol:

  • Pay bribe ($50); he looks the other way and the trade completes normally
  • Refuse; trade completes normally, but heat increases by 2 stars

Every so often he'll find that other police officers have stolen the alcohol he was about to sell you:

  • Ambush them; receive your resources and lowers heat by 2 stars
  • Too dangerous; lose your puchased resources

Sometimes (when his superiors are around) he really does his job, claiming the sell was actually a bait and he try to arrest you:

  • Agent, I'm just walking around; lose your purchased resources
  • Die cops!; recieve your resources after a fight