Overview Edit

Eliza Jackson

You first meet Eliza at Northside, where she asks you earn her respect by setting up a soup kitchen to help out the locals who are down on their luck. Before long she's got you clearing out the local thugs (Ku Klux Klan) who have strong connections with the local city officials and police, and things start to get messy.

Your next encounter with Eliza is at Kentucky Ave, where she asks your help to increase the popularity of the Harlem Club that she owns. The club is a big part of her life, with shows running every day from 8 PM. Eliza plies the club's wealthy clients with beer and liquor and gets them drink to find out about deals she can profit from.

Eliza also has a warehouse business near the docks that rents storage units, although her clients have a habit of going bankrupt. As a result, she'll occasionally offers you bargain prices on storage.


Beer Edit

  • Buys:
    • 30 for $330 ($11 per barrel)
    • 40 for $440 ($11 per barrel)
    • 50 for $550 ($11 per barrel)

Liquor Edit

  • Sells:
    • 5 for $135 ($27 per crate)
    • 10 for $270 ($27 per crate)
    • 15 for $405 ($27 per crate)
    • 20 for $540 ($27 per crate)
  • Buys:
    • 10 for $330 ($33 per crate)
    • 15 for $495 ($33 per crate)
    • 20 for $660 ($33 per crate)

Special Edit

  • Sells: 50 Storage for $350 ($7 per unit)

Complications Edit

Task Complications

Every so often a liquor job goes awry when one of Eliza's clients fails to pay for the liquor you delivered:

  • Tell me his address: Attack her client to steal the money back
    • $600 if you win
  • Information: She'll send you information about the client and pay you in instalments, usually with a few other resources like firearms to make up for the hassle.
    • 5 firearms