Overview Edit


Heat Level

The "Heat" level indicates how much attention the local police are giving your criminal activities.

The rate at which heat increases depends primarily on three things:

  1. Amount of police in the city
  2. Amount of crimes you commit
  3. The rate at which you commit crimes

Some actions, like robberies and establishing businesses, may become unavailable if the heat is at 5 stars.

If heat continues to rise above 5 stars, the police will launch an investigation. If you fail to stop the investigation, it's Game Over!

Preventing heat Edit

The best way to prevent an investigation is to avoid generating heat!

For example, use a Hitman to avoid gaining heat from the following actions:

You can trade via the Jobs screen, or with independent businesses on the map, to get money and resources with little to no heat gain. Some maps have special buildings, like piers, which you can buy resources from.

Once your gang gets established, you can avoid heat by:

  • Buying cars from a Car Dealer or Auto Shop
  • Establishing businesses to produce money and resources
  • Establishing a Hit Squad to do dive-by shootings

Reducing heat Edit

In situations where you can't prevent heat, you can minimise the rate of heat increase:

  • Establish Safe Houses and Lawyers
    • Note: The "Heist" option on the safe house will always generate heat!
  • Foster warm relations with Residences

Removing heat Edit

Once heat is accumulated, you'll have to remove it to avoid an investigation:

  • Lawyers will gradually remove heat
  • Deputy Kingsley sometimes offers a job (on the "Special" tab) to remove heat
  • When buying resources from Deputy Kingsley his boss will sometimes try selling them to someone else; if you choose the mission to attack him, and succeed, it will often remove heat

Note: If a heat-removing interaction with Deputy Kingsley completes during an active investigation, the investigation will also be stopped!