Overview Edit


Heat Level

Each time you commit a crime via an action, job or task, the local police will become more interested in your activities (they don't like competition!) causing them to turn up the 'heat'.

The heat ranges from 0 stars (no heat) to 5 stars (pending investigation). If you attract too much heat they'll launch a full investigation against your gang, and if that investigation succeeds it's game over!

The level of police presence determines the rate at which you'll gain heat, more police means more heat. There are also some missions in the campaign, or specific locations, that add additional heat modifiers.

Biggest Heat Generators Edit

Here's the biggest heat generators, and some ways to work round them...

Remember that just about everything you do will generate some heat.

Slowing Heat Gain Edit

You can make your actions generate less heat as follows:

  • Use Hitmen as often as possible - they are more covert and generate far less heat
  • Build one or more Safe Houses - they provide somewhere to hide if the cops are on your tail
  • Improve relations with Residences as this can slow heat gain (especially in some campaign missions)

Reducing Heat Edit

There are also several ways that you can lower the current heat:

  • Stop committing crimes! If you take a break from crime, the heat usually drops on its own
  • Build one or more Lawyers - they will actively lower heat, especially if upgraded
  • Pay Deputy Kingsley for his Special jobs to reduce heat by 1, 2 or 3 stars
  • Call in a Favour from a local deputy to instantly reset the heat to 0 stars