Hotel are businesses that can be built on construction lots for $640 in clean money, if the hideout is at least level 4.

Hotels bring in clean money and increase the efficiency of boxing arenas, casinos, nightclubs, and speakeasies.

Warms Politician or City Official relations when built. Building a nightclub will raise your relations with a Hotel.


  • Lobby Bar: By spending $500, the hotel can build a small bar in the lobby to entertain guests, increasing how liked the gang is by 10. Strangely, this bar doesn't earn any additional money or reduce the gang's beer or liquor supplies.
  • Concierge: By spending $1,200, the hotel can hire a concierge who will direct guests to the gang's other businesses. This will double the efficiency boost the hotel gives to the gang's boxing arenas, casinos, nightclubs, and speakeasies.

Independent BusinessEdit

  • Firebomb: By using 5 units of firearms, the gang can torch the hotel, turning it into an empty construction lot available for purchase.
  • Party: For 10 Liquor, a party is hosted improving the gang's Liked rating by 10.
  • Buyout: If the hotel owners have Warm relations with the gang, the gang can purchase the hotel for $5,000.