Overview Edit

If you attract too much heat from the local cops, they'll start a full scale investigation in to your criminal activities.

The heat stars will be replaced by an "Investigation" button and you'll hear police sirens to warn you that the investigation has started. If the police successfully complete their investigation you'll lose the game!

During the investigation Edit

You can stop the investigation whilst it's still in progress as follows:

  • Visit a Deputy residence and call in a favour to reset the heat to 0 stars
    • This instantly stops the investigation
  • Pay Deputy Kingsley to reduce the heat by one or more stars (risky)
    • Requires that the Special job is available or already in progress
    • Job must be completed before the investigation finishes (use a Mastermind in a sports car if possible)
  • Lawyers will sometimes reduce the heat enough to abort the investigation
    • "Stalling Tactics" upgrade increases your chances for this approach
    • Having multiple Lawyers also boosts your chances
    • Not doing any actions, jobs, tasks or combat missions during the investigation will also help; the Lawyer won't have to deal with additional heat generation leaving them free to focus on reducing the existing heat
  • Click the "Investigation" button for alternate options
    • It's useful to do this anyway to see what options will be available if you run out of time
    • While the investigation is still in progress you can close the options window without choosing an option

At the end of the investigation Edit

As the police prepare to arrest you, you'll get one final chance to stop them - the list of alternate options will automatically appear; if none are available you immediately lose the game.

If you successfully use one of the options, the investigation will be stopped and your heat will be reset to 0 stars:

Bribe the Investigators Edit

  • Only available if you have enough money (clean money can be used if you don't have enough dirty money)
  • The first time you use this it will cost $500, then it will double for each subsequent use
  • If you've got a fully upgraded lawyer with Political Connections, the fee increase will be reduced by 20%
  • Using this option warms relations with a random independent Protection Racket

Call in a favour from a friendly Deputy Edit

  • Requires warm relations with a deputy
    • The deputy must not be already occupied with one of your henchmen (eg. bribing him to improve relations or buying a weapon from him)
  • A random deputy meeting the criteria will be used
    • You'll no longer be able to use that deputy - this is a problem if the deputy has a weapon you wanted to buy
    • It seems that you can only use this option once per game/mission?
  • Using this option warms relations with a random independent Protection Racket

Use another criminal as a scapegoat Edit

  • Requires an independent or criminal business with neutral/warm relations
    • It doesn't matter if you've discovered it yet via an Informant
    • Criminal businesses have a pink icon over them, usually speakeasies or protection rackets
    • Sometimes an independent warehouse, with a green icon, can be used if there are no criminals
  • If there are several choices, one will be chosen at random (you'll be told what type)
    • Criminal businesses will take preference over Independent businesses
    • It seems that you can only use this option once per game/mission?
  • Your relations with the business will become cold, often irreversibly - this is a problem in the case of warehouses

Destroy the evidence Edit

  • This will start a combat mission which you must win
    • A random police station will be chosen for the mission
    • On rare occasions the mission will take place in the big train station
    • It seems that you can only use this option once per game/mission?

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