Overview Edit

When not performing Combat Missions, most of your time will be spent doing jobs, actions and tasks.

All of these require that you assign a henchman to carry out the work; as you start to build up your gang you will be able to perform multiple jobs, actions and tasks at the same time by assigning different henchmen to them.

Jobs Edit

Jobs Button


You can trade resources, money and favours with Associates by using the Jobs screen. To open the screen, click the Jobs button under the minimap. The number that appears on the indicates how many new jobs are available since you last looked.

The screen has 4 tabs, one for each type of job:

  • Beer – trade Beer for money
  • Liquor – trade Liquor for money
  • Money – trade dirty and clean money; loans and laundering
  • Special – increase fear & liked ratings, reduce heat, rent storage, etc.

Click on a job that interests you and assign a member of your gang to do the job. You can do multiple jobs at the same time by assigning a different henchman to each job.

To complete jobs faster, assign a Mastermind. Some jobs carry a risk of Complications.

Actions Edit



Almost every building on the map provides one or more actions, depending on the Building.

Some actions – particularly Drive-by's, Firebombing, Raids and Ambushes – carry a risk of Complications. You can mitigate this by ensuring your henchman is driving an Armoured Car.

To complete actions faster, assign a Mastermind. As actions require henchmen to travel, a Sports Car (or any other car) also makes things faster (with the exception of door-to-door burglaries where having a car actually impedes productivity).

Many actions increase heat; use a Hitman to mitigate this. You can get extra liked or feared increase from certain actions by using a Grifter or Enforcer respectively. You can get extra bounty from certain actions using a Burglar, Grifter or Enforcer.

Tasks Edit

Task Icon


In the Campaign, mission-specific tasks will often appear on the map denoted by a floating exclamation mark icon. While some tasks are optional, most will be required to complete or progress the mission.

Most tasks work in a similar way to Actions – click the icon and a panel pops up with a button to start the task. However, some will require that you complete other objectives before you can do them, for example you might need to acquire a certain resource or establish a business, etc. Tasks will often start a Combat Mission, this is usually clearly stated in the task description.

To complete tasks faster, use a Mastermind. Travel times are reduced if you have a Car, particularly a Sports Car.

Like actions, there are a some tasks that can benefit from using a Hitman, and possibly even a Grifter, Enforcer or Burglar.