Overview Edit

Joseph Springfield

Joseph Springfield is a Banker, with virtually uncontested access to the Bank reserves in Atlantic City, he offers to clean any dirty money and occasionally buys Beer and Liquor in bulk

He also runs a casino.


Beer Edit

  • Buys:
    • 20 for $400 ($20 per barrel)
    • 30 for $600 ($20 per barrel)
    • 40 for $800 ($20 per barrel)
    • 50 for $1,000 ($20 per barrel)
    • 150 for $3,200 ($21.3 per barrel)

Money Edit

  • Offers to launder money for you:
    • $$150 for $250 (60% effectivity)
    • $$275 for $500 (55% effectivity)
    • $$425 for $750 (57% effectivity)
    • $$650 for $1,000 (65% effectivity)

Note: an Accountant ratio is 3:4 (after upgrade); thus none of the offers pays out

Complications Edit

Task Complications

When buying beer, Joseph will often realise he only wanted half as much beer as he asked for:

  • Silly me!; reduce the transaction quantity and revenue by 50%
  • Fine! Have a discount; sell him the original amount of beer, but for a slightly lower price

Sometimes, however, he gets drunk and demands even more beer – "What?!? That's not nearly enough Beer.":

  • I have more; sell some extra beer
    • Sell additional 5 for $100 ($20 per barrel); he will ask for even more...
    • Sell additional 10 for $200 ($20 per barrel); finish transaction
  • That's all I have; finish transaction

When he's laundering money for you, he'll sometimes be delayed if a customer hits the jackpot at one of his casinos:

  • Fine; get the agreed amount of money later
  • I need them sooner; get a reduced amount of money sooner

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