Overview Edit

Lady Cunningham

Lady Cunningham is a socialite and local celebrity. Lady Cunningham's father has criminal connections and she often uses the connections to fulfil her never ending materialistic desires, because her yacht and large collection of jewellery just isn't enough to keep her happy. 

She is featured in the mission "Damsel in Distress" where she had ran away from home after a disagreement between her and her father and decided she needed a vacation from Atlantic City. Henry, knowing his poor relations with his father decided to help her out and ends up arrested. She ultimately evades Luciano's men and enjoyed a vacation in Miami before she felt it was perfect time to make amends with her father. 


Liquor Edit

Warning: She often wants you to buy her a present with the money she gives you.

  • Buys:
    • 5 for $225 ($45 per crate)
    • 10 for $450 ($45 per crate)
    • 15 for $675 ($45 per crate)
    • 20 for £900 ($45 per crate)
    • 25 for $1,125 ($45 per crate)
    • 30 for $1,350 ($45 per crate)
    • 35 for $1,575 ($45 per crate)

Firearms Edit

  • Buys:
    • 10 for $1,600 ($160 per weapon)

Special Edit

Offers to increase Liked rating:

  •  ?

Complications Edit

Task Complications

She likes presents and will often assume you are going to buy her one - if you don't she might get angry:

  • Buy present; +15 liked rating, but reduced revenue from the sale
  • Buy smaller present; more revenue from the sale, but 50% chance she'll become angry
  • No present; daddy can buy her present, she will become angry

Sometimes, usually when your liked rating is very high, she'll get insulted by someone called Nancy and will be shocked that you are demanding payment for the liquor you just sold her while she's in such a state:

  • Who's talking about money?; receive no money (she still takes all the liquor!)
  • I still want my money; receive the money but she becomes angry with you

If she is currently angry (due to your previous interactions with her), she'll refuse to talk to you unless you buy her a gift:

  • Buy present; she becomes happy again
    • $750 first time, $1,250 second time, $1,750 third time and so on... (+$500 each time)
  • Don't buy present; she will refuse any jobs until you buy a present