Overview Edit

Mikoto Mori

Mikoto Mori – Hitman

The past of Mikoto Mori is shrouded in secrecy and traditional Japanese modesty. She was the eldest daughter of a Shizoku family stripped of wealth and status but keeping the old values of honor and pride. After her father died in the Russian–Japanese war, Mikoto's life was shattered. The only thing she kept from her younger days was the Hanzo, the sacred katana of her ancestors.

Hikaro Eda, already a powerful businessman with a taste for violence, was startled by her gentle beauty and forced her under his wing. Following him as her guardian, husband and ultimate master, she traveled to America with a single desire hidden deep within her. Beneath the total complicity of the obedient wife lay fury, anger and meticulous dedication. Her existence had but one purpose – to kill Hikaro Eda.

Salary, Class, Weapon & Talents Edit

  • Salary: $$0 (No salary!)
  • Class: Hitman
  • Weapon: Hanzo (Unique) – Katana
  • Level 1: Rage
  • Level 4: Poison Bomb
  • Level 8: Toughen Up