Overview Edit

Persistent wounds are conditions that result from being incapacitated (pretty much killed) during a combat mission. Wounded henchmen can still participate in combat missions, but depending on the wound they might be rendered completely unusable.

Unlike other conditions the persistent wounds don't automatically heal after combat ends, nor can they be fixed with bandages or first aid during combat.

The wound will eventually heal on it's own, but only after a very long time. To speed things up build a Clinic (construction) where they can get proper medical attention (especially if it's upgraded).

Wounds Edit

Broken Arm Edit

  • AP (action points) reduced by 3
  • Equip lower AP cost weapon to compensate
Broken Leg

Broken Leg Edit

  • MP (movement points) reduced by 3
  • Rarely causes problems, except for melee troops
Cracked Ribs

Cracked Rib Edit

  • Maximum HP (health points) reduced by 10%
  • May cause problems for some ranged attackers
Gauged Eye

Gouged Eye Edit

  • Chance to hit (accuracy) reduced by 10%
  • Can pose significant problems
Head Trauma

Head Trauma Edit

  • Initiative (frequency of turns in combat) reduced by 3
  • Effects not as bad as you might expect
Heavily Bruised

Heavily Bruised Edit

  • Maximum HP reduced by 10%
  • May cause problems for some ranged attackers

Spitting Blood Edit

  • Lose 5 HP every turn
  • Generally not too much of a problem

Vertigo Edit

  • Maximum CP (courage points) reduced by 50%
  • Equip lower AP cost weapon to compensate

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