Revolvers allow the wielder to retaliate to a single ranged attack once per turn.

Revolvers are a kind of weapon. They're a very versatile weapon, good against both single and multiple targets. Revolvers can also be used non-lethally to force tough but skittish opponents to flee. Finally, revolver users will, once per round, automatically fire a shot at anyone who shoots at them first.

Doc and Two-Gun both start off with revolvers.


Flurry: Shoot twice at a target.

  • Damage: 5 to 30
  • AP Cost: 6
  • On Hit (with both shots): Weakness (-50% attack damage) for 1 turn.

Volley: Fire once at each enemy in a cone.

  • Damage: 5 to 30
  • AP Cost: 6
  • On Hit: N/A

Dance For Me: Fire at all enemies in a cone. Inflict only Courage damage on hits.

  • Damage: 5 to 30 (courage only)
  • AP Cost: 3
  • On Hit: N/A


Better Revolvers

  • +10% damage.

Exceptional Revolvers

  • +20% damage.