Overview Edit

Rifle Thumb

Rifles are long range precision weapons, capable of inflicting the Cripple condition (which is useful for hampering movement of melee troops).

They cause high HP damage, however their high AP cost means that you can normally only fire once or twice per turn.

Hitmen Edit

Alfredo and Wolf both start off with rifles.


Aim Edit

  • Modifier: Next shot gets 15% Chance to Hit bonus.
  • Duration: Next shot; can be used multiple times per turn
  • Cost: 1 AP
  • Note: Choose shot type first (Rifle or Crippling), then Aim, then fire.

Rifle Shot Edit

Rifle Shot
  • Effect: Fire a long-range shot.
  • Damage: 25 to 40 HP
  • Cost: 6 AP
  • On Hit: A critical hit might inflict Cripple condition.

Crippling Shot Edit

Crippling Shot
  • Effect: Fire a long-range crippling shot towards the target's legs.
  • Damage: 15 to 30 HP
  • AP Cost: 7
  • On Hit: Inflict Cripple condition (-5 MP) for 5 turns.
  • Note: Perfect for slowing down enemy melee troops

Snipe Edit

  • Modifier: Enemies in marked area are 10% easier to hit with subsequent shots.
  • Duration: Until your henchman moves or becomes incapacitated
  • Cost: 3 AP
  • On Hit: Enemies in target area are +10% easier to hit

Weapon VariantsEdit


Rifle Edit

  • Basic rifle with no enhancements
Better Rifle

Better Rifle Edit

  • +10% damage
Exceptional Rifle

Exceptional Rifle Edit

  • +20% damage
Elephant Rifle

Elephant Rifle Edit

  • +30% damage
Sharp Shooter Rifle

Sharpshooter Rifle Edit

  • +20% damage
  • Increased maximum range
Vendetta Rifle

Vendetta Rifle Edit

  • +20% damage
  • +10% critical chance