Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Will "Romeo" Patterson is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Fire Bomb
  • Level 4: Sprint
  • Level 8: Iron Will


Will Patterson was the smallest son in an impoverished family, living in the West Dallas slums. His crime career started early and, when he was 16, he was already in prison for an attempted bank robbery and assault. When Will left the jail, he was no longer the same person. He was a bitter and relentless killer who committed various crimes, including bank robberies and murders over the following years.

His life changed dramatically when he met Marie Lucille. Marie and Will fell in mad love and ran together from Dallas to Atlantic City, leaving behind a trail of robberies and murders. Some people think they are a couple of animals running loose, some see them as romantic living legends, and Marie and Will don't give a dime.




Romeo Japanese Incentive DLC

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