Overview Edit

Safe house

$200 Premise

Safe houses provide somewhere for your gang members to hide when the police are after them, and as such reduce the amount of heat gained by your illegal activities.

They cost $200 to build; you'll require a vacant premise.

Independent & Enemy Safe Houses Edit

There are no independent safe houses.

Enemy safe houses are medium priority targets, as destroying them will increase heat gained by the enemy and lower efficiency of their premises.

Consumption & Production Edit

Safe houses "consume" a portion of any increase in heat. For example, if your heat goes up by 10 a safe house might reduce that increase to 8 (it's not clear what the exact figures are). A Lawyer is more powerful in this respect because it will actively reduce the existing heat in addition to reducing the amount of heat gained by your current actions.

Safe houses "produce" an increase in fear, but only once per safe house when the Armed Guards upgrade is applied. An upgraded safe house won't continue to increase fear on a daily basis, it just increases the fear once at the time the upgrade is applied.

Safe houses apparently also "produce" heist opportunities, special tasks where you can do a combat mission to gain resources instead of money. This might be specific to campaign or maybe multiplayer missions, there don't seem to be any heist opportunities appearing in sandbox games.

Buffs Edit

When applied, the Armed Guards upgrade will provide a single +20 increase to your feared rating, which in turn will boost efficiency of any buildings that benefit from increased fear:

  • list of buildings to go here (pawn shop, etc)

Safe houses with the Intimidate the Locals upgrade, regardless of efficiency and other upgrades, affect the following buildings:

  • Brewery (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Smuggler (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Soup Kitchen (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Distillery (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Accountant (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Counterfeiter (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Wholesaler (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house
  • Labor Union (premise): +10 efficiency per upgraded safe house

Tip: Just as a safe house improves effectiveness of most of your premises, "The Don" Pizzeria can be used to improve the effectiveness of most of your joints.

The safe house's efficiency, which possibly increases the reduction in heat gain, is affected by:

  • Hideout (residence): +10 efficiency, regardless of hideout level or decorations


  • Armed Guards (10 firearms): +20 feared rating when the upgrade is applied (once per safe house)
  • Intimidate the Locals ($500): +10 efficiency for buildings listed in Buffs section above

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