Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Vincento "Squigs" Rizzo is a gangster who can be hired. He joins the gang in Maine Ave.


  • Level 1: Defensive Stance
  • Level 4: Grenade
  • Level 8: Hold the Line


Vincento Rizzo was born as the youngest son in a rural family in Italy. Fate grinned upon him with a small frame and a sickly childhood. Always mocked by other kids until the tears came, Vincento grew up bitter and frustrated. A troublemaker and ruffian, he had frequent problem with local police that eventually caused his father to disinherit and cast him away.

The young castoff joined one of the many street gangs that ran the streets of Naples. Eventually, his reckless nature got him into a penal labor camp where he acquainted several Mafia members. When he broke out of prison with them, Vincento earned a favor and traded it for a ticket to America.

His tough days in the Small Italy in New York ended when he met his employer in the face of Boss D'Angelo, who proved to be a trustworthy ally.