Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Mario "Two-Gun" Tucci is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Go Get Them
  • Level 4: Iron Will
  • Level 8: Intimidate


Mario Tucci is a passionate Italian man who always put his family before his business. Deadly with his two guns, hence the nickname, he is notorious enough to intimidate even the toughest of Atlantic City gangsters.

There has always been a quarrel between the Tucci brothers and Mario usually is in the center of it. Mario is a calm and deadly killer when on a mission but, when it comes to dealing with his brothers, he can barely contain his temper. Mario thinks - no, he knows - that only his obsessive parenting has kept Luigi and Joey out of harm's way for so long.


One of his dialogue lines is," It's a me-Mario, Mario Tucci." This is a reference to the popular video game character "Mario" who is an Italian plumber.

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