Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Frank "Wolf" Joseph is a gangster who can be hired. He joins the gang in Baltic Ave and is unique in requiring the player to complete a heist beforehand.


  • Level 1: First Aid
  • Level 4: Grenade
  • Level 8: Smoke Bomb


The past of Frank "Wolf" Joseph is shrouded in mystery and no one dares ask him about it. His menacing presence is only emphasized by his formal manners and cold and calculating expression. What his contractors care for is his skill and style in problem-solving. Whenever someone screws up, Mr. Wolf comes in to clean-sweep the situation.

A perfect professional, Mr. Wolf upholds no loyalty beyond his current contract. When he is around, the other gangsters somehow start to "behave." Little is known about the brutality and cruelty concealed by Mr. Wolf's refined manners. The people who could tell are long dead.


"Cry wolf!"

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